Franzi's Frantic Thoughts
That feeling when you finally start your own tumblr

Feels gooooooood



So just to give you a quick heads up:

I’m a 17 year old girl and my life is average.
Which basically means: My life is centered around school, friends, family, Harry Potter, Ninjas, Dinosaurs and that one guy I can’t find… and don’t bother looking for!

So this tumblr will be my personal blog to:

  1. Post my frantic thoughts full of love, centered around Harry Potter, HIMYM, TBBT, the Hunger Games, Lord of the rings, my friends…  
  2. Post my frantic thoughts full of hate, centered around my teachers, school and stuff that makes me cry… like Twilight.  
  3. And generally talk about my life.

Any last words? Why yes: